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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do your trees cost?

Find our tree pricing here. 


Do you deliver to my area?

You can find our delivery range here.

Do you carry Christmas Ornaments?

We do not carry ornaments but do have some Christmas décor. You can find the products we sell here.


Are Dogs allowed?

Yes! We love dogs! Please make sure they are well behaved, leashed, and cleaned up after.


When is the type of tree I want available?

Shipments vary throughout the season and it is best to call the location ahead of time if you’re looking for a specific tree. You can find all our phone numbers here.


The location I visited ran out of mugs and I’m a collector. What can I do?

The availability of our mugs is limited, but if you are a collector and came too late in the season, email and we will do our best to get you one!


Do you donate trees?

We have charities pre-selected that we donate trees to and are unable to donate to all the charities that contact us.


Can you flock trees?

Yes, we have a selection of pre-flocked trees at all our locations. You can see all our services here.


The lights are out on the lighted lawn décor I bought from you a previous year. How can I get them fixed?

You can bring the lighted lawn ornament to one of our locations once the season starts late November, or you can bring it to our warehouse at 412 Tall Pines Road, West Palm Beach 33413. Give them a call to make sure someone is available when you come - 561-697-9377. 


Are you hiring?

Once we open, you can visit the location you are interested in and ask for the manager. He or she will know what positions are available. You can also call ahead. 

Can your trees accommodate the type of stands with a spike?

Yes, let the attendant know that you need a hole drilled in the bottom of your tree to fit the spike stand.




Don't see the answer you need here? Contact us through facebook messenger, Instagram direct message @visitourtowne or email us at

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