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Christmas Tree Decorating Tips

How to add lights to your Christmas Tree

How many lights do you need for your Christmas tree?

You will need about 100 lights per foot of tree. So if you have a 5-foot tree, use 500 lights.


Step by Step:

  1. Plug in all strands to make sure they are working and replace any broken bulbs

  2. Begin at the bottom of your tree and work your way around

  3. Try to disperse the lights evenly and create depth by adding some lights farther back in the branches

  4. Once you reach the next strand, there will be a gap in lights. Pull this dead space back as far as you can into the tree to hide it.

  5. If any lights aren’t staying exactly where you want them, use a Christmas ornament hanger to secure it to a branch.

  6. When you’re nearing the top of the tree, make sure you have enough lights to reach the top and come back down a little so you can hide the end of the strand in the tree. Alternatively, you can use a Christmas tree topper to hide the end.

How to add ribbon to you Christmas tree

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Mini wreaths from real Christmas tree scraps

These mini wreaths are a perfect use for any Christmas tree clippings you have left over. They are a lovely way to add that fresh tree smell throughout your home. Learn how to make them on The DIY Mommy blog. 

More ways to decorate with Christmas Tree clippings

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