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Which Type of Christmas Tree is Right For You?

Christmas Tree Selection

This page is here to offer you information that will make your Christmas tree selection as easy as possible. If you still can't decide, our lot attendants are friendly and helpful. We also have a lot of trees that are often not yet on display that our employees can help you find. Ask them to help find you the perfect tree!

needle retention, softness and smell of christmas tree varieties
Is Your Christmas Tree Fresh?

When choosing your tree, there are a few ways you can check for freshness. First, take one needle and bend it between your fingers. The needle should bend easily. If it breaks or snaps, the moisture level is too low and the tree is not fresh. Next, take a branch and run it through your hand briskly. If only a couple of needles fall out, the tree is fresh. If several fall out, the tree not fresh. Finally, you can break off a small piece of a branch. Inside you should see a lime green color, sap should be oozing and it should smell fragrant. If you do not see green inside, it is not fresh. 


More Questions?

Just ask a Tree Towne employee! We are friendly, knowledgeable, and happy to help you!


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Why do we get Christmas Trees every year? Here are the History and Folklore behind the annual tradition. 


  • 1510, the first decorated Christmas Tree is in Riga, Latvia. Early Christmas Trees are decorated with paper, fruits, and sweets.

  • 1531, the first retail Christmas Tree lots are started in German cities.

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