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General Christmas Tree Information 

How to Choose A Tree

We offer several varieties of Christmas trees, each with their own traits. You can read how to choose the right tree for you, or just as one of our employees at Tree Towne. See all our Tree Varieties here.

If you're undecided, you can read the pros and cons of Real vs. Fake Christmas Trees.

Tree Care

Having a real tree comes with responsibility. It is important that your tree doesn't run out of water to make sure it lasts through Christmas. Read our Care Tips here. We also guarantee our trees.

Tree Safety

Do not put your tree over or near a direct heat source or cold air return, as it will draw moisture away from the tree. Check all electrical cords and lighting. Discard any that are frayed or damaged. Do not use damaged lighting or cords on real or artificial trees. Do not use real candles on trees. Make sure there is always water in the reservoir, if the tree dries out, it can become more susceptible to fire. Read more about Christmas Tree Safety.


Tree Recycling/Disposal

We believe in Tree Recycling. It's good for the earth and it's good for you. Most counties will now pick up your tree as part of the vegetation program. E-mail us if you are unsure, and we will help you find out what programs are available in your community. Read more about Christmas Tree Recycling.


Tree Availability

To prevent the waste of trees, Tree Towne will replenish inventory for the last time about a week before Christmas. We sometimes sell out before Christmas Eve and cannot guarantee tree availability at the end of the season. Some trees of a certain variety will sell out sooner. If you are looking for a very specific tree, we encourage you to come early in the season! 


Fun Information.

Read about the History and Folklore behind the Christmas Tree. 


More Questions?

Just ask a Tree Towne employee! We are friendly, knowledgeable, and happy to help you!

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