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Christmas Tree Services in South Florida


Tree Towne supplies several services that you won't find at chain-stores or most other Christmas tree retail outlets. We strive to be a service orientated business, something that you just don't see anymore. The Christmas Tree services we offer in the South Florida area include: 

Christmas Tree Delivery & Setup


Tree Towne personnel will deliver your tree to your home or business and set it up for you in a safe Christmas tree stand. Rates vary based on the size of the tree and how many people will be needed to set it up. Ask about this service at one of our lots or order your tree online. 

Christmas Tree Removal

After the Christmas season we can remove your tree from your home or business, make sure everything is cleaned up and see that it is recycled properly. 

Christmas Tree Flocking


If you want your tree to have that "Just Snowed' look, at Tree Towne you can pick from our large selection of Pre-Flocked Christmas Trees for a snow-covered Christmas! 

Fresh Cut


Free fresh cut on your Christmas tree's trunk prior to your trip home. A fresh slice from the trunk of your tree allows the tree to drink water once you set it up. We advise that you set your tree into water as soon as possible after the final trim has been made.

Tree Shaking


We offer free Christmas tree shaking. Each Tree Towne location is equipped with a mechanical shaker that cleans your Christmas tree of old needles, dirt, and leaves. This process nearly eliminates the mess when your tree is brought into the house.

Tree Netting


Free Christmas tree netting. After we clean and fresh-cut your tree, we wrap it with netting to make handling easier and eliminate branch breakage.

Tree Loading


Our employees are happy to help you load and secure your Christmas tree onto your car or truck.

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