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We Guarantee Our Trees Are Fresh

The Trees at Tree Towne are guaranteed to be fresh, and able to last through Christmas. Our trees are hand picked on the farm by the Lucas family, owners of Tree Towne. We source our trees from small tree farms in North Carolina, Oregon, and Michigan. Our trees are fresher than big box stores, who source their trees from large farms that have to cut the trees early in order to meet the demand. 

What to do if your tree is damaged or dead

We do our best to offer you the best product possible, but accidents can happen when dealing with a natural, living product that is fragile. If you realize your tree was damaged or dead at the time of purchase, we will exchange it at no extra cost. Tree Towne is not responsible for trees that die due to improper care by the customer; please read our care information here. The customer is responsible for bringing the damaged tree back to the lot and picking up a new one. PLEASE SAVE AND BRING YOUR RECEIPT. We do not issue refunds. We are only able to offer exchanges when we have trees in stock. Keep in mind that our lots can close early if we sell out. Read the most recent Christmas Tree Report and why shortages can cause us to sell out early. 

NOTICE: Our guarantee is based on tree availability. Please let us know immediately if you have a problem with your tree and we will do our best to find a replacement. Towards the end of the season, we can not guarantee a replacement will be available.


We know having a beautiful tree on Christmas is very important to our customers and we apologize for any issues caused by this shortage. 



How to make sure your tree doesn't die!

We make a fresh cut when you buy your tree, so make sure you get it in water as soon as possible, do not leave it in the garage overnight unless you put it in a bucket of water. A Christmas Tree will consume 60% of its water in the first week after you bring it home. Make sure you check the water daily, and multiple times in the first few days. If the water reservoir is empty, the tree will seal itself with sap and will no longer take in new water. This is why we make the fresh cut right before you bring your tree home with you.


To ensure your tree is kept healthy through the whole holiday season, read How to Care for A Real Christmas 

Read more about Christmas Tree setup and safety.

Tree Availability

Tree Towne gets regular deliveries of fresh trees throughout the season. In order to prevent the waste of trees, the last of our trees are delivered a week before Christmas. Also, due to a nation-wide shortage of Christmas trees, there is an increased risk of selling out early. 

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